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Our Mission

At BrightSparks Firework Displays, our mission is to ignite the skies with breathtaking and awe-inspiring pyrotechnic artistry, creating unforgettable memories for audiences across the United Kingdom. As North Wales’ premier firework display provider, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled excellence in every show, combining innovative design, expert craftsmanship, and the highest safety standards.

We take pride in our multiple national firework competition victories, including the prestigious Southport British Pyromusical Fireworks and MLE Fireworks Champions, which showcase our passion and commitment to exceeding expectations. Our experienced team of pyrotechnic professionals is devoted to crafting bespoke, world-class firework displays that capture the essence of each event, bringing communities together and sparking joy in the hearts of all who witness our dazzling spectacles.

At BrightSparks Firework Displays, we believe in the transformative power of fireworks to uplift, inspire, and celebrate life’s special moments. We pledge to continue pushing the boundaries of pyrotechnic excellence, illuminating the night sky with the vibrant colours and mesmerising patterns that have become our signature, and leaving a lasting impression on every event we touch.

How it started

Nearly a decade ago, two childhood friends from Llangollen, Steff Williams and Dan Williams, found themselves reminiscing about the magic and wonder they felt as kids, watching fireworks paint the night sky. They realized that they shared a passion for creating unforgettable experiences, and thus, BrightSparks Fireworks was born.

In the early days, Steff and Dan embarked on a journey to master the art and science of pyrotechnics, learning from experts in the field and attending industry events to deepen their understanding. As their passion grew, so did their vision for BrightSparks, and it wasn’t long before they invited their longtime friend David Williams to join the team.

David, a technical wizard with an eye for detail, quickly took the lead in the technical aspects of the business. His expertise allowed BrightSparks to push the boundaries of innovation and design, crafting bespoke displays that captivated audiences and garnered recognition throughout the industry.

As the years passed, BrightSparks grew from a small group of friends with a shared passion to a renowned firework display provider, earning accolades and attracting top talent from across the United Kingdom. Today, our team is a diverse and dedicated group of pyrotechnic professionals who share the same commitment to excellence and love for fireworks that Steff, Dan, and David ignited almost a decade ago.

While we continue to expand our reach and push the limits of pyrotechnic artistry, our roots remain firmly planted in the close-knit, family-oriented ethos that has been the cornerstone of BrightSparks since its inception. We are proud of our humble beginnings and the lasting friendships that have been forged along the way, and we are excited to continue sharing our passion for creating mesmerizing firework displays with audiences across the UK.

Why we are
the BEST!

Our People

At the heart of BrightSparks Fireworks' success lies our exceptional team of passionate and skilled individuals. Their dedication, creativity, and expertise are the driving force behind our mesmerizing displays, enabling us to consistently exceed expectations and create unforgettable experiences.

Our Product

The foundation of BrightSparks Fireworks' success is our unwavering commitment to using top-quality pyrotechnics sourced from the best manufacturers across the globe. By handpicking only the finest products, we ensure that every display we create is a captivating symphony of colors, patterns, and effects.

Our Passion

What truly sets BrightSparks Fireworks apart, though, is the passion that fuels every aspect of our work. From our team's enthusiasm for pyrotechnic artistry to our quest for the highest-quality materials, it is this passion that elevates our displays to the next level. At BrightSparks Fireworks, we believe that the magic we create in the sky is a testament to the passion that burns brightly within us, and we are proud to share this passion with audiences across the United Kingdom.

The mission is simple...
Bring the Sky to Life

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